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Patient Participation Group

A Patient Participation Group was formed by the practice in 2011 and regular meetings are held where all members of the group are invited into the practice. The meetings give the practice feedback and ideas from the perspective of patients. The minutes from the meetings are available to view below.

Should you wish to pass on any ideas or suggestions directly to the members of our Patient Participation Group please contact our receptionists for email contact details. The member will then bring the issue to the next meeting for discussion.

If you have time to attend 4 meetings a year (lasting approximately 1 hour) would you consider becoming a member of our Patient Participation Group?

This group is formed to discuss the services offered by the practice and to decide upon an area each year for change/improvement. An action plan is then formed to carry out the actions agreed upon. Should this appeal to you please leave your contact details and email address with reception.

PPG Minutes



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PPG Reports and Surveys


Patient Participation Group Report 2014-15

Patient Survey Results 2014-15

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Patient Survey (Questions) 2015-16

Patient Survey Results 2015-16

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Patient Participation Group Report 2011-12

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Patient Survey (Questions) 2012-13

Patient Survey Results 2012-13

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Patient Survey (Questions) 2013-14

Patient Survey Results 2013-14