Practice Updates

17th Aug 2020

Flu Season 2020

This year we have changed how we will offer you a flu vaccine. Rather than inviting you to come into the practice we have instead arranged to give you your flu vaccine without the need to leave your car.

We have taken this decision to support safe social distancing, removing an avoidable contact with other patients for you and your family, and still ensuring you get your vaccination as early as possible this Autumn to ensure you protection against the flu virus.

We are working in partnership with two local schools who have kindly let us use their carparks in order to do this. The carparks at both locations are large and easy to access. We have been given access to hand washing and electrical facilities at both sites. Please do not worry if it rains on the day of your appointments as your vaccine will be given underneath a marquee.

As in previous years we will also be ensuring we offer a pneumonia vaccine and shingles vaccine to those eligible at the same visit, to save you any avoidable visits to the practice.

Our clinicians will also have administration staff on hand to ensure your medical record remains up to date with the vaccination details added at the time of vaccine.

All staff members will be wearing full Personal Protective Equipment and a high visual jacket on day of your appointment. Gloves will be changed between each patient contact.

Below we have added a guide to inform our patients on this process so you are able to prepare and know what to expect on the day.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our flu sessions.

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25th Jun 2020

Patient Participation Group

If you have time to attend 4 meetings a year (lasting approximately 1 hour) would you consider becoming a member of our Patient Participation Group? We are always looking for members. 

This group is formed to discuss the services offered by the practice and to decide upon an area each year for change/improvement. An action plan is then formed to carry out the actions agreed upon. Should this appeal to you please find out more here

18th Jun 2020

Westfield Forms

The partners at Carterknowle & Dore Medical Practice are not in a position to sign Westfield forms sanctioning chiropractor treatment, as this is not a form of management that we routinely recommend. Whilst we recognise that some patients feel they benefit from chiropractor treatment, we are not assured of its effectiveness or that it is free from risk of injury or inappropriate exposure to x-rays.

We therefore leave it to the discretion of Westfield as to whether they fund the course of chiropractic treatment the patient has undertaken at their own discretion.