Flu Season 2020

Monday 17th August 2020


Dear Patient,

This year we have changed how we will offer you a flu vaccine. Rather than inviting you to come into the practice we have instead arranged to give you your flu vaccine without the need to leave your car.

We have taken this decision to support safe social distancing, removing an avoidable contact with other patients for you and your family, and still ensuring you get your vaccination as early as possible this Autumn to ensure you protection against the flu virus.

We are working in partnership with two local schools who have kindly let us use their carparks in order to do this. The carparks at both locations are large and easy to access. We have been given access to hand washing and electrical facilities at both sites. Please do not worry if it rains on the day of your appointments as your vaccine will be given underneath a marquee.

As in previous years we will also be ensuring we offer a pneumonia vaccine and shingles vaccine to those eligible at the same visit, to save you any avoidable visits to the practice.

Our clinicians will also have administration staff on hand to ensure your medical record remains up to date with the vaccination details added at the time of vaccine.

All staff members will be wearing full Personal Protective Equipment and a high visual jacket on day of your appointment. Gloves will be changed between each patient contact.

Below we have attached a guide document to inform our patients on this process so you are able to prepare and know what to expect on the day.

Please note we will be first inviting patients aged over 65 years and those under 64 years, with health conditions making them eligible for the vaccine.

Later in Autumn we will be arranging the vaccination of eligible children.

Once we have received further details from the Department of Health regarding the vaccination of patients aged 50-64 years, with no underlying health conditions, we will update our website and contact these patients.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our flu sessions.


Dr Hilton & Partners

2020 Flu Clinics


Please note we ask patients to attend the session they are invited, in order to allow us to manage traffic and prevent delays; however if this is not possible, patients may attend one of the sessions below between the hours of 10am-12pm & 2pm-3pm. However please note this may mean a delay.

Saturday 26th September


King Ecgbert School – main carpark

Saturday 10th October


Mercia School – main carpark


Please note the sessions below are for pre-booked appointments only for patients with no access to a car. Appointments to be booked via reception 0114 229 1686. Please do not turn up without a booked time slot.

Friday 16th October 9am-12pm Carterknowle Practice - carpark
Friday 23rd October 9am-12pm Dore Practice - carpark


Please note we ask patients to attend the session they are invited, in order to allow us to manage traffic and prevent delays.  The child drive-through nasal flu campaign will be run at Dore medical practice and follow the same proceedure as the adult drive-through vaccinations. Children are not required to wear face coverings, however adults will be required to wear a face covering and remain in the vehicle.


The child drive-through nasal flu campagn will be run on the follow dates:


Thursday 8th October 1:30-5pm Dore Practice - carpark
Friday 9th October 9am-12pm Dore Practice - carpark
Thursday 29th October 1.30-5pm Dore Practice - carpark


Please note the sessions below are for pre-booked appointments only for patients with no access to a car. Appointments to be booked via reception 0114 229 1686. Please do not turn up without a booked time slot.


The child walk-in nasal flu campagn will be run on the follow dates:


Monday 21st October 9am-12pm Carterknowle Practice 
Monday 28th October 9am-12pm Dore Practice - carpark


  • You will receive an invitation to attend for a flu vaccination; this will arrive either by SMS text message or post if we don’t hold a mobile number on your medical record.
  • If you are not able to attend the appointment time or date given please refer to the practice website for alternative clinics you are able to attend. However where possible we ask patients to attend their given appointment day/time as this allows us to manage the flow and reduce avoidable delays.
  • Arrange to travel to your appointment by car. Please do not travel on foot or by bicycle.
  • You are welcome to arrange to travel in the same car as household members that have also been invited to have their flu vaccine.
  • If you do not have access to a car please refer to the practice website as we will also be running some walk-thru flu vaccination sessions. These are by pre-booked appointment only, please contact our reception team to arrange a time slot.


  • Before setting off please check that you and all members of your household do not have a temperature, new continuous cough or loss of smell and/or taste. If you or a member of your household have these symptoms please follow government isolation advice and arrange a test. Do not attend for the flu vaccination; please contact the practice and an alternative appointment will be arranged.
  • Ensure you and all travelling in your car are wearing face coverings.
  • Ensure you are easily able to release your arm from your clothing to have your vaccine; wearing short sleeves wherever possible and an over jacket easy and quick to remove.
  • Please ensure all passengers, especially if travelling with children or animals, are firmly restrained in the car.


  • Arrive at the main carpark at the address you have been invited to have your flu vaccine and join the queue formed.
  • You will be greeted by a team member; please pull up your car at the kerbside and open your window 1-2cm. Please turn off your music.  Here you will be asked if you or any members of your household have a temperature, new continuous cough or loss of smell and/or taste.
  • You will drive in a queue towards a check point.
  • Upon arriving at the check point please open your window 1-2cm. Here you will be asked your name and DOB. You will be given a number of the bay in which you will see the clinician.
  • Please slowly drive forward to join the correct queue. The bays will be numbered 1-8 and will each have a lane to wait in.
  • Whilst you are queuing to see the clinician and your car is stationary please remove you outer layers to ensure your upper arm is accessible to have the vaccine.
  • Whenever your car is stationary in a queue please ensure you apply the handbrake and put into neutral or park gear. Always move off slowly.
  • The clinician will gesture you to drive to their bay.
  • Pull up slowly between the cones and apply your handbrake and gear into neutral or park. Turn off the engine.
  • Open your window. Stay in your vehicle at all times.
  • Here your name and DOB will be checked and you will be given a flu vaccine.
  • If you are also eligible for a pneumonia or shingles vaccine you will be offered this here.
  • The clinician will inform you once all is complete and you are able to drive away.
  • Be careful and check for other cars pulling away from bays.
  • Leave the carpark through the exit.
  • Please do not drive away if you feel unwell please inform a member of the practice team and you will be directed into a separate bay and assessed.

Carpark Layout