We ask you to please not telephone the surgery in regards to the Covid-19 Vaccine. We are working through the eligibility criterias in line with Goverment Guidance and when we are in a position to offer you an appointment we will gain contact with yourselves. 

Received an invite from us and not sure if it's safe? Your invite link should start with accurx.thirdparty.nhs.uk


If you don't want the Covid Vaccine please help us by clicking on the link in the message and then on the bottom of the page under the continue to booking box click 'i don't want..' or phone reception to cancel. If not we will call you to book you in. 


We will periodically message those who haven't responded or have previously declined, asking them to text a word to a number along with their initials so that we can get back to them. This will start with your forename. We need your initials to confirm who is responding as some of you share the same number. We will never ask for any other personal information as we can identify you from your phone number. Responding in this way frees up our phone lines for us to speak to patients about other things. Please don't phone reception about this. 


Thank you



Rustlings Road Surgery Patients

As part of our commitment to cooperative and supportive working Carterknowle and Dore Medical Practice are administering Covid Vaccines to patients from Rustlings Road Surgery. As such any queries for Rustlings Road patients who recieve their first dose of vaccination after 6th April 2021 should contact Carterknowle. If your query reletates to a vaccination before this or to suitability of the vaccine this should be directed to Rustlings Road Surgery.

Carterknowle and Dore Medical Practice maintain the clinical and operational oversight for the Porter Valley Vaccination Programme and all it's participating practices but those patients from other surgeries should contact their own surgery rather than contacting Carterknowle.